• Itchychik Itchychik
    June 30, 2009
    Itchy sunscreen rash several days later?
    Itchychik Itchychik
    June 30, 2009

    I've got a rash that is nearly unbearable.  Not sure, but I applied a lot of 50 sunscreen on Thursday, and early Saturday morning i started to itch all over -arms, legs, back of neck, etc.   Initially it was only in sunscreen exposed areas, but now on Tuesday it spread to areas that didnt' get sunscreen..Could it be from teh sunscreen? I can't think of a single thing that could be causing it except the sun protection as there hasn't been anything different except that. 


    Also, if anyone has a better idea than Benedryl, I'd love to hear it! 



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  • Overtherash July 30, 2009
    July 30, 2009

    I normally use a Banana Boat Oil SPF 15, but tried a Coppertone Spray SPF 50 two days ago and now have a rash covering my neck, chest, both my arms and legs.  I'm using Benadryl and Alavert.  Both of my kids had a very small outbreak on a small portion of their skin, but it cleared in about two days with the help of Benadryl.  I'm still pretty miserable and I'm considering going to the doctor. Maybe I need to antibiotics or a steroid to kick this rash!

  • Susie July 14, 2009
    July 14, 2009

    Its not from the sunscreen... Its sun Poisoning....  It will spread the more you itch, even in areas that were not exposed... eucerin used to make a sunscreen specifically for Sun allergies... But not longer on the market... They do make another product for This particular problem, but not sold in the states.... So far, I have not been able to find any other product that worked as well as theirs.

    • Gamine
      March 21, 2011
      March 21, 2011

      I'm confused as to how this could be sun poisoning as sun poisoning is just another term for a severe sunburn which this person said nothing about.

  • bunnycarrots 50 June 13, 2014
    bunnycarrots 50
    June 13, 2014

    I used two different types of sunblock. I am itchy in those areas that I applied. It took weeks for me to stop the itchness. I am trying to compare what ingredients they share. I need a sunblock.....

  • PAATTY June 10, 2014
    June 10, 2014
    I have found that certain ingredients in some sunscreens cause me to itch. Even washing it off does not help as the sunscreen has already gone into my pores. It seems to be avobenzone. Every time I have an itch, sure enough, avobenzone is a top ingredient... Anyone else notice? READ MORE
  • Itchychik June 03, 2012
    June 03, 2012

    I also have an itchy rash after using SPF50 sunscreen.  A few times previous when I used sunscreen at a lower SPF I got a milder itchy rash. 

    But, I could not figure why or where I got this almost unbearable itch until yesterday.  I wore a tank top and covered my arms, neck and chest area with Water Babies suncreen SPF50.  Most times I do not wear sunscreen.  Last night I had an intense itch on my arms after using the sunscreen.  This morning the itch has now started on my neck.  I don't think I will use sunscreen again.  I will have to cover up and sweat on hot days.

    This stuff is used on children and babies!!


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