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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 mike b, Community Member, asks

Q: I have red, hard bumps on my legs that look like bug bites

I came back from Iowa two weeks ago to Calif, and the day afer my return, I noticed two or three red bites on my leg, and assumed mosquito or whatever. Then a few days later, there were twice as many, and then a week later 15, some of which had grown into very hard bumps and itched. The itching was not severe, and was ok using Lanocane, but they didn't seem to go away and still here after two weeks. They are concentrated mostly on the outsides of my legs, but a couple on one knee as well. Some now have white 'heads', but most have just remained hard and red and sore, and do not look like a rash, but individual bites or sores. They do now seem to be less hard and maybe shrinking, but still sore to the touch and I'm concerned at how long they have persisted.

I have never been allergic to anything and am a healthy 52 year old. Should I just wait longer to see if they go away? And do you know what they might be?

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HealthGal, Health Guide
11/13/08 5:22pm

Time to get checked out for a definitive diagnosis.  You don't want to wait and see if any of these areas get further inflammed or infected - so see a dermatologist.

scene, Community Member
6/ 1/09 1:43am

I have the same thing right now. And I thought that it was bed bugs, but I haven't seen any. So now I have the doubt. Would you please let me know what was yor diagnosis?



billbradlyjr, Community Member
7/23/09 2:00pm

look up Chiggers!!!

pamij, Community Member
5/ 5/10 10:45am

I have the same thing but they itch horribly. I have lived in the Ozarks my entire life and thought it was chiggers but they are only on my arms and legs...nothing on my torso. It is VERY unusual for chiggers not to bite around the legs of underwear, waist bands, etc.

dremo1944, Community Member
9/17/09 2:54pm

I have red hard bumps on my leg that initially look and feel like a bug bite because they are painful.  Then a blisher forms and there is a hard center that forms the blister in a day or so.


Southern Mama, Community Member
2/ 9/10 5:51pm

Well I have bumps that have been occuring maybe every three months that are only from my knees down to my ankles and they look like little bug bites and then swell up in a day or two and hurt really bad. Then the surrounding redness becomes the size of a quarter or larger and then after about two weeks of bumps like this, it goes away, but they just started back on me. I thought it was chiggers at first, but it is not that. I also thought it was bed bugs, but I have washed my sheets and blankets 4 times in the past two weeks, and if that was the case my son and boyfriend would have them and they don't. Then I thought maybe there were spiders in my truck but then I got a new truck so its definitely not that. I am starting to think it is some kinda of blood thing....I haven't been to a doctor for it because I can't afford it but I think it would be a good idea.

vince, Community Member
7/13/10 10:50pm

I have the same thing on my thighs , red , bump sores then they become pimple looking things , with white heads , and pus comes out , it itches alot . i'm one of those people that like to itch and pick so i have scars all over my thighs , at first i thought it was bed bugs to since i slept in the basement , i moved upstairs , washed my pillows , sheets and blankets but i just kept getting them . they only occur on my thigh area , no were close to my no no area . lol but . my left one is clearing up , but i still get some in my right .


- here is my answer , just try to leave it alone put non itch cream , uhm where clean clothes , idk i still dont really know ! help me ahh .

Peaceful_Fire, Community Member
9/17/12 6:39pm

I have the same thing going on ... I thought it was mosquitos because they've been so bad around here and I even had 8 all at once walking into my apartment one night. But I continue to get bit every night now. I wake up with at least 2 new bites every morning but only on the one leg. I've washed my sheets repeatedly and checked the bed and there are no bed bugs... Plus they usually don't just go for one area they go all over and my daughter would have bites (she still sleeps with me) but she doesn't. They itch really bad and then hurt really bad once they develop the puss.


If anyone knows what this is please let me know... and also What is the best way to treat this... It is miserable and some are starting to scar now. (I'm going on week 3 of this).




Hatenot, Community Member
10/31/12 12:08am
I also have the exact same red bumps. They're mostly on my ankles, with a few around my knees and on my thighs. They're miserable to have. The first time I got them was about 2 months ago, I kept them for 1 1/2 months and they cleared up. Now they're back starting the same cycle. Please someone help. Thank you for your time :) Reply
Hatenot, Community Member
11/ 1/12 10:43pm
Praise The Lord!!! I have stopped the itching. A friend of mine told me it was just dry skin. So I went to the local dollar store in the town I was in earlier today and bought "advanced Lubricating skin lotion" it was just a $1!!! For 20 ounces. 2 hours later and still no itching. Plus it only took A few shirt minutes for the itching to stop. I wanted to share this with everyone that is Suffering like I was. Good luck and God bless Reply
Belmarrahealth, Community Member
12/11/12 3:31am


In my opinion you had better consult  a doctor and tell him about you problem.I think it is not single issue.But please do not take tension about this.


donna, Community Member
11/25/13 12:17am

i had the same thing happen too, started out like a bug bite got painful and red also hut to touch went to doc said does not really know what cause is  she said it was Erythema Nodosum

donna, Community Member
11/25/13 12:18am

i had the same thing happen too, started out like a bug bite got painful and red also hut to touch went to doc said does not really know what cause is  she said it was Erythema Nodosum

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