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Thursday, April 15, 2010 Itchy in Delaware, Community Member, asks

Q: sores on my scalp

I keep getting these sores in my head - i don't know why they all of a sudden started - i did not change shampoos or anything - i have tried Tar shampoo and it does not help - they itch, i scratch - they bleed then get a scab on them and when i brush it hits them and it hurts .. what do i do to get rid of these sores ?

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Merely Me, Health Guide
4/22/10 6:51pm

Hi there


I am sorry this is happening.  Please know that I am not a doctor.


I am wondering if this might be adult eczema.  Check out this post by another My Skin Care Connection member about the sores on her scalp.


Here is also an article about adult eczema.


It could be something else entirely though so your best bet is to go see your doctor or will need to anyway...especially if you are itching and bleeding.  You don't want to get an infection.


Hope this helps.  Thank you for your question.

Itchy in Delaware, Community Member
4/23/10 8:05am

Thank u so much .. I actually saw a dermotologist Wednesday and yes I have adult excema .. never had it in my life, but i have it now - on my shins, neck and head .. unfortunately I did get foliculitis b/c of the extreme itching and irritation on my head - i have medication, creams and special shampoo .. my legs are already looking better and my head though sore in spots is healing as well

Merely Me, Health Guide
4/24/10 8:34am

This is wonderful to hear that you are getting help with this!


And thank you so much for reporting back...many people ask questions but I never know what happens to them.  This was so helpful for you to let us know that it was indeed...eczema.

carmen, Community Member
4/25/10 3:34pm

do you have lice?thats the only thing i can think you have or either cradle cap use zulfur medicated shampoo.wash your hair rub that in there scratch it with a comb and wash it out.if you have lice use lemon juice pour lemon juice in your hair rub it all through your hair even the scalp it may burn a little but dont you want it gone?then get a store plastic bag you may have laying around and let it sit for about twenty minutes keep occupied because it will itch that means its working.dont hesitate.Our hair is our friend.

Itchy in Delaware, Community Member
4/26/10 7:04am

No I don't have lice thank God .. b/c that would mean my son has it and then we would have to treat the whole house, even the cat .. I have adult ezcema ..  i have all kinds of creams, shampoos and meds .. i see a big difference in just 4 day.

Guerranegra, Community Member
5/18/14 3:14pm

I have had the same thing for over 20 years and have been given various treatments by MDs with no results. I recently decided that keeping them moist would probalby help alleviate the scabbing and VOILA!!!!! ALMOST ON CONTACT NEOSPORIN MADE THEM GO AWAY!!!!!! IT WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS.


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