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Monday, August 03, 2009 bd575, Community Member, asks

Q: red itchy bumps, started on arms?

I have red, itchy, blister-like, bumps. They started about two weeks ago with just a couple on my arms.. now I have about 16 on my arms, 3 on my stomach, and about 5 on my legs. They start out looking like a pin sized pimple, and then form into a water blister, and then become about 1/2 a centimeter big, with an open sore/or scab in the middle. They show no patterns and are not close together at all (very sparaticly placed). I went to the doctor and they have no clue.  I had the concent of 2 thought it might be a mild case of the chicken pox and the other ruled out chicken pox completly. I have had three vacinations for the chicken pox so i dont see how that is possible..and they started on my arms! but all of the pictures i have seen of chicken pox are very similar to the bumps. I have not been in contact with anything new..or gone bed bugs or fleas. i am positive of that. I really doubt this is an allergic reaction or bug bites. I just have no clue what this could be! PLEASE HELP ME! 

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Scooter1968, Community Member
11/18/09 5:25pm

I have this as well, I already had chicken pox when I was a small child. These bumps start out mildly itchy on the inside areas of my arms and one or two on my hands. I have a couple on my chest and every now and then on my stomach. If you leave them alone they just itch, but if you scratch them they become red and even more annoying. I am 40 and never had this until a couple of months ago. You can't even see them unless you start scratching. For and honest answer I must be honest, I drink a lot of Vodka and think this might be associated with it. I have always been healthy and never had anything like this before. I just want to know if a symptom like this can be associated with hard alcohol.

DanF1969, Community Member
11/22/09 3:01pm

I have it as well on my toes. It's not spreading bc I put a cold sore ointment on it....ZOVIRAX. I would call your dr and tell them you have reoccurring cold sores...and he should prescribe a large enough amount to begin using on the infected areas. This is what's working for me. Thought I'd pass it along. 

Lauren, Community Member
6/28/10 8:00pm

I know someone who currently has the same symptoms, same history of c.pox as a kid.  This person drinks a LOT as well (somewherre btwn a pint and a 1/5 three times weekly on average).  The bumps can be a sign of liver and/or kidney failure, so yes I do think they're related.  Feel free to Email back and I can tell you what I learn/we can exchange info -

Danni 44, Community Member
1/19/14 4:14pm

I drink alot of vodka to and just getting that, i only drink at night i have a 2year old so scared of going to the docs' i love my baby im just scared xx

lisajean, Community Member
8/11/09 1:23am

i have the same thing and noone can tell me what it is eather??????

deannalandry, Community Member
8/21/09 2:49pm

has anyone received anything back i have the same problem please help me this itchiness and its embarassing anyone have any answers for me ty deannaUndecided

mack23x, Community Member
9/ 1/09 12:43pm

i have same problem, woke up sunday morning wit red itchy bumpes on both arms, doctor has no idea wot it is. its tuesday now an looks like dey gettin bigger an joining together, its really itchy an people keep sterring at my arms in public. if anyone finds out wot it might be please let me know at tanks

Jdaley, Community Member
2/17/11 9:03am

JUST WONDERING: I have this same issue and it started about a year ago. I hurt my back and the put me on LORATAB and i had a reaction and every since then i have small itchy blister bumps. They come and go and have also scratched till i have mad sores. Only on the TOP of my forearms from wrist to elbow. Sounds strange but reasearching it today and Almost glad to see its not just me. SO: Has anybody else with this same issue been on LORATAB?  If so please please respond.

healthy care, Community Member
9/ 7/09 9:33am

I may have this as well and did a bit of research, may be scabies but upon research of that diagnosis that rash looks rather itense though, so unsure.  I have had these before but now I have them on my eyelid and toes.  

They dont seem to hurt at all and maybe only a little itching.  Is that what you all have mostly found? Thank you.

meta what, Community Member
9/11/09 4:11am

me too, fack i think they're small warts but I only found one pic that matches of small warts, bc all other warts are big on the internet pics. But they do itch and they spread to hands and scalp as well as earlobe eye lid and hands, and arms. Do not try using over the counter wart medicine. it will fck up your skin like scars. 


But two dermatologists were douche bags and I still have no clue what these little white pin size and red bumps are that re occur in the same exact spots-- IF they go away at all. Noticed they are active and spread more when my immune system is compromised.

Kendall, Community Member
5/29/12 12:45pm

I got them four days ago and are already spreding all over my upper body and are itching like crazy I hope it will be over soon

Kendall, Community Member
5/29/12 12:54pm

can anyone from this year help me

TJILL6, Community Member
9/13/09 8:07am



        I'm pretty sure what your describing sounds exactly like MRSA, but you'd have to have a culture test from your doctor to be positive if so. It's a type of Staphylococcus aureus that is resistant to methicillin as well as some of the more common antibiotics, including oxacillin, penicillin and amoxicillin. It really is just a form of staph on one's skin.  MRSA can cause skin infections that may look like a pimple or boil and can be red, swollen, painful, or have pus or other drainage in the middle of it. Unfortunately it is highly contagious. Like I said before though you'll need a culture to test if you have it for sure.  Hope this helps and good luck!! Smile

crazycurls, Community Member
4/ 8/10 5:52pm

My son who is 16 has itchy red blister like bumps, they burst cause he itches a lot and seem to have pus.

 I sent him to the doctor today and he indicated that it could be a bacterial infection that eats into the skin, recommended dove 2000 antibacterial soap. I think he called it some kind of Staphylococcus aureus. Also recommended to soak in 14-18 gallons of water with 1/4cup bleach about 7-8 times minimum. We will se how it works. I thought it was mostly cause of his wrestling maybe caught it from someone else. hope this helps.

Gmw123, Community Member
5/ 8/13 8:10pm
Hopefully you have resolved the rash already, however, it took me 7yrs to get a diagnoses. Try being tested for celiac disease. There is a form of celiac called dermatitis herpetiformis. Reply
gemmy1991, Community Member
10/12/13 11:31am

ive also have this red itchy rash that started on my arms and its on my hands too.


does anyone know what this is?


im not sure if its my medication that causing this rash


Please help me

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