Saturday, November 01, 2014

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this is a good thread. Today is Thursday May 4th. On Sunday I went to my friends house and had some tacos and guacamole (nothing out of the ordinary in AZ.) and went swimming. On Monday morning I had what looked like to mosquito bites (i usually get bit there) by my hip and and leg. On Tuesday they were still there (two big bites). I went to my friends house and as I was eating a steak sandwich with green peppers my leg started to itch, it was what looked like a small flea or spider bite. So I started itching it. Later that afternoon I noticed tha back of my arms had a massive tiny zit like bump attack, and in both arms. I noticed that night that they were coming out on my back too. On Wednesday I toughed it out but I noticed more were coming out on my legs. By Wed night I my lower stomach chest, and back were covered with the small bumps, big bumps, and little ovular  bumps with clear liquid in them (puss?). As  I type this I see them spreading to my hands and fingers and growing. I had ring worm before so I bought the same powder and put it on my body. if anything it helps with the itching. I'm thinking of going to the hospital but not sure it will be of any help. I had Starbucks coffee of the day on Tue and Wed, and I wonder if that had some nut or something i'm allergic to? For the time being, I'm still breaking out and itching bad.