Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Two years ago in June my husband and I went to Cat Island in the Bahamas to do short term missions work for a week. The second day there I started to develop a very itchy rash with tiny pustulars.  Each day they got pergressively worse. I thought perhaps they were bed bugs but my husband was sleeping in the same bed and did not get any. Out of the other five people in the house only one other person developed them. They continued to cover most of my body but were mostly on my legs and arms witha few on my feet. Because of scratching they became very infected and I had to take an antibiotic. It took a long time to go away and I still have a few scars on my legs from them. The other person who had some has made several trips to Cat Island and always gets the same thing. He told me they are what is known in the area as The Bahamian heat rash, but that you can get them anywhere it is extremely hot.  Some of us in the extreme heat do not sweat enough and the heat rash will develop beneath the skin and will break out in these little pust filled pinhead bumps but itch so much that we can scratch them to infection stage. When I first went to the doctor, she had not heard of it either but did some research and found the same thing. You can find it on the internet.  But, alas I am now dealing with an allergic reaction to a new medication for asthma and itch all over. The doctor gave me zyrtec but I am looking it up first. I hope this helps.