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  • TatumF August 30, 2009
    August 30, 2009

    Coming to you from the Dallas, TX area, I am all too familiar with this. As a matter of fact, two of my children and myself are covered in it right now. This is what happens when chiggers visit your underwear line. If you have been sitting in the grass, near the grass, on a bench/wall near grass, you will get chiggers.


    The best advice I can give you is take a benadryl (if you are ok with taking diphenhydramine and not allergic to it) and just try not to scratch it. If it is very bad, topical anti-itch creams can provide minor relief, as does some of the sunburn gels that contain lidocaine. One very inexpensive remedy that seems to work well... buy an inexpensive spray can of deodorant and spray it. It will temporarily relieve the itch as well. Additionally, cotton balls soaked with witch hazel will also help. Good luck and try not to scratch too much!

  • worried4us August 19, 2009
    August 19, 2009

    this looks very close to what has popped up on me and my son

    we just moved to the Dallas Texas area, i was wondering where everyone is from

    could it be a virus trasmitted by a bug bite??? or a parasite??? (epidemic)

    we are taking anitbiotics, applying anitbotic cream and hydrocortizone cream

    using ph balanced soap and taking 3 showers a day to keep clean

    no effect yet

    even more bumps now

    they dont itch, but are a little sore, not scratching them so that we dont spread them or cause scarring

    no pus, but they are growing in size and spreading

    only in groin, buttocks, back of thigh, and lower back

    NO WHERE else

    Ive been searching on this computer all day and this pic is so very close

    my four year old son walked up to the screen and said

    "that's what we have mama"

    doc had no idea, couldn't culture for lack of pus

    and wouldn't do a blood test til after our meds

    i am hoping just a virus that will pass in 7-10 days

    but am scared it's parasitic

    PLEASE post if anyone knows anything!!!!

  • tbuff09 July 17, 2009
    July 17, 2009

    I have the Same thing happening!  HAve you found anything out?  Mine dont really itch.  They first showed in my armpits, then legs, now on my inner elbows and even going up my neck.  I don't know what to do!

    • Laura
      July 22, 2009
      July 22, 2009

      Have you thought about making sure it is not shingles.

    • Josh
      August 04, 2009
      August 04, 2009

      If you all find anything out about it, please reply. 

      I've searched on the internet and this pic closely resembles mine in terms of cluster, size, and color.


      I didnt notice it until coming home from a day at work. I had a random small itch on my side near my wasteband. I got inside and changed clothes and then noticed it on the insides of my thigh, groin, pubic, back of knees, stomach, buttocks, and even some more sparse near my shoulder blade and armpit. Probably 80-100 bumps in total.


      The largest cluster was on my right inner-thigh.  The rest are sparse and few between. I've had chiggers many times in my life, it doesnt seem to be that. I generally get those on my ankles, wasteband, and back of knees. This is far more severe. The itching was intense during the first 48 hours, now it's seems to have cooled down for the time being. They are becoming scabbed and bright red, but I think that's due to scratching during sleep. I've only been taking Benadryl Allergy pills.


      Please reply

    • saricherry
      September 03, 2009
      September 03, 2009

      Have you figured out what it is yet? Just noticed two tiny clusters (noticed one last night + another this morning... )!!! Would love to know, if you've been able to rectify your situation... I'll let you know, if I find any answers... I am a licensed esthetician and just starting an advanced esthetics course. Hopefully, I'll find some answers. :)

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