• Fidel Fidel
    June 13, 2010
    Cold clammy skin when exercising or during/after sex, am I okay?
    Fidel Fidel
    June 13, 2010

    When I exert myself, jogging, sex, workouts, my skin is very cold and clammy, I worry because other people worry, but this has been going on for 25 years and I am still alive and kicking and bloodwork/tests, confirm no issues..am I really okay though? sign of impending doom? girlfriend is concerned...tell her I used to work construction sites in sheets of sweat and cold clammy skin all the time...

    jogging is interesting, because my sides are very cold....i've been checked for everything over the years...could it just be an abnormality and nothing more?



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  • Smott21 June 19, 2010
    June 19, 2010

    Well when you are jogging and have sex and workouts acrouse your skin would sweat but not become cold and clammy because when i sweat from running with my girlfriend after running 6 miles and stuff i sweat and i remeber when i ran in running a thon for the goverment and i walked in to steak n shake and i was all sweaty and stuff and i was cold and i was shivering because i was sweating and then i walked in a a/c area and i was cold and she was too because of our sweats. But it depends on how long u jug and sweat to me if u feel cold from walking in a a/c area just stay outsidea and ask your gf to give you some water and just cool off outside then walk in that would work. Because that would give your body some time to cool down and stuff. BUt your skin shouldn't be cold and clammy after haveing sex because when i do with my gf i sweat but my skin doesn't become cold or anything. Well if all test or postive and stuff just don't worry about it because it is just nature then. but u can go to your doc and ask him if u want :) i am not trying to force u to go

  • MarineNE May 16, 2011
    May 16, 2011

    You should have nothing to worry about. When you exert yourself some of the oxygen in your blood gets diverted to the areas that are working a bit harder (like your muscles) in order to keep you going. This can make you feel a bit clammy after a long run.

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