• Stacey Layden Stacey Layden
    June 11, 2008
    After a slight sunburn I now have little itchy red bumps in those areas....is this sun poison?
    Stacey Layden Stacey Layden
    June 11, 2008


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  • jaeymee June 25, 2008
    June 25, 2008

    I have had a problem with the sun for many years.  Every year I break out from the sun with little red bumps that itch like crazy.  They usuall dont come right away, and stay for about 4 weeks.  I have been to many drs and used many creams and nothing seems to help.  Not even sunscreen.  Basically the drs say that I have a slight allergy to the sun and to just stay out of it.  The best thing that works for me when I cant stay out of the sun is cortizone cream and a cold compress.

    • tdish21
      July 23, 2010
      July 23, 2010

      My dad is a dermatologist and he talks about his patients getting "polymorphous light eruption", which is itchy red bumps starting in spring as UV increases and spontaneously resolves late summer after UV induced skin barrier thickening.


      What you want to do is find a body cream/lotion that does two things: 1)helps naturally thicken and repair your skin barrier, and 2)has anti-inflammatory ingredients that help make the skin healthier.

  • sliles July 23, 2010
    July 23, 2010

    I have itching and burning on my arms. I got real bad sunburned about two weeks ago. No rash that I can tell. looks like goose bumps on occasion. What is this and what do I do?

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