• unhappyskin unhappyskin
    September 15, 2008
    How do you get rid of eczema and white marks on the skin?
    unhappyskin unhappyskin
    September 15, 2008

    I've had eczema since i was an infant. My skin started to develop white marks at around the age of thirteen, too. I have very tanned skin so the marks are very noticable. How can I get rid of the eczema for good, and is there anything that can treat the white marks?



  • HealthGal
    Health Guide
    September 17, 2008
    Health Guide
    September 17, 2008

    My son also has some "white skin patch issues" having suffered with eczema from a young age.  If you are tanning - you need to consider the risks you are exposing yourself to (skin cancer risk) AND if you used steroid creams to treat these areas over the years - then the skin has thinned out a bit in those treated spots ,and may allow faster UV damage (and heightened cancer risk) - so reconsider the tanning.


    You can also talk to a dermatologist about some trestment options to reduce the obvious "lightened discolorations."

    There's also a difference between eczema and psoriasis. If you're not sure about the difference, check this post out.


  • Katie kat January 15, 2014
    Katie kat
    January 15, 2014
    It is more likely that it is not eczema but it could be psoriasis. Eczema is a inflammation of the skin. But your body is continually shedding skin cells and psoriasis is when the skin sheds much faster this causes the skin to build up layer upon layer making white form at the top. I'm not a expert but I hoped this helped READ MORE
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