• gratefulsmiles gratefulsmiles
    March 29, 2009
    I suffer from pmle, and have not been able to find treatment that works. Please help!
    gratefulsmiles gratefulsmiles
    March 29, 2009

    Last year a dermatologist told me I have PMLE. I break out terribly on my hands and arms if I even go in the sun for just a few minutes. Since the weather has been getting nicer this year I have been outside a bit more and my hands have already gone into the crazy red itchy blistery rash. I have tried about 6 different prescription cortisone creams, none of which worked, I also tried over the counter allergy meds at the request of my dermatologist and that did nothing. I do wear sunscreen as well everyday on my hands and arms, it doesnt help. As the summer progress this just gets worse and worse. My dermatologist just dosent seem to have an answer for me and I just dont now where to go from here. I am desperate to find something to make this better, I love being outside when the weather is nice and its almost impossible for me to do at this point. Please if someone vcould give me advice on where to go from here I would greatly appreciate it.



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  • Richie April 27, 2009
    April 27, 2009



    I also suffer from pmle and I have had the condition for almost 20 years now. It started when I was about 20 years old and grew worse for a few years and then it levelled out. Like you I can only be in the sun for a a very short time and I haven't found any really good treatment. However, there are a few things you can do to make things a little better. Check out skincell.org, eg. http://www.skincell.org/community/index.php/topic,19605.0.html where I and others have posted some information about pmle.



  • eloise August 02, 2012
    August 02, 2012


    I also have PMLE for more than 20 years. I made a lot of research to find a natural preventive treatment. Several clinical studies reveales the effectiveness of a formulation combining alpha-glucosylrutin (also called AGR, ag-rutin, glucosylrutin) and Vitamin E. According to many research conclusions, this is an effective preventive treatment for PMLE. 80% of people who have used this formulation have experienced a major improvement of their PMLE and most of them had no symptoms at all. Since I couldn't find a lotion like this anywhere I decide to formulate it myself.


    If you want to give i a try, you can find Shirudo pmle treatment at www.shirudo.com. It's an antioxidant Body Lotion with alpha-glucosylrutin and vitamin E. For me it's the only effective preventive treatment so far. If you want to learn more about other alternative preventive pmle treatments, please visit my blog at mysunallergy.com. I listed all the treatments I tried so far.


    Good look with your sun rash and I wish you find a treatment.

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