• Margaret Margaret
    July 02, 2009
    Small itchy red bump on my back (with clusters that becomes painful after the first couple of days.
    Margaret Margaret
    July 02, 2009

    I have an itchy red bump on my back that has appeared there about once every year for that past 10 years. It gets about 5 small clusters of bumps on the red spot and gets very itchy after the first couple days it appears. It also becomes alittle painful, and after a few days it gets scabby and goes away. I was told by a doctor awhile ago that it could be a type of skin herpes (on my back though?). If anyone has any ideas of what it is I'd love to hear them.



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  • campd0913 November 24, 2010
    November 24, 2010

    It sounds like you have a recuring case of the shingles..shingles or herpes zoster is the same virus that causes chickenpox..it can lay dormant in your body for years..it normally effects one side of the body..symptoms usually last for about 3 weeks..it is rare that the symptoms reoccur but it is known to happen in some cases.

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