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Sunday, February 28, 2010 Tifaeris16, Community Member, asks

Q: Itchy bumps that aren't bug bites

About 3-4weeks ago I noticed a few itchy, red bumps on myself. They very closely resemble mosquito bites &, as bug bites tend to do, they appear larger after being scratched. The bumps do resolve on their own but I continue to find new ones everyday - on my legs, feet, arms, back, neck, & most recently I have started to find them on my hands. My partner & I initially assumed there must have been some kind of mites in the new apartment because the bumps appeared the week we moved into our new residence. So we've "bombed" our apartment twice now but I'm still itching. He has no sign of the bumps which are plaguing me, none of our friends have had any symptoms after spending a night in our home, even the dog doesnt seem itchy! The bumps are all over me & it's getting so I can hardly sleep at night; does anyone have a clue what this could be?

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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
6/ 2/14 8:09pm

Thank you for your question. 


I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice. My suggestion is to talk with your doctor or dermatologist if the rash does not go away completely on its own, if it continues to spread or if it becomes so bothersome that it interferes with your daily activities (not being able to sleep because of the rash is considered interfering with your daily activities.)


What you have described could be attributed to different bug bites, for example, flea bites will disappear on their own but then you might get more bites. 



KP, Community Member
2/28/10 4:02pm

See a doctor and have him/her check you for scabies and also to take a culture to check for any kind of bacterial infection, such as Staph. aureus, especially if the "bites" aren't healing.  If the "bites" are more concentrated in the joint areas, look like plaques (hardened red patches of skin) and they itch moreso at night, then it might be scabies.  The doctor will scrape your sking with a razor blade and look under the microscope to check for the critters, which you cannot see without the aid of a microscope. 

Either way, go see a doctor immediately if you want to have a sound sleep sooner rather than later.  If it's scabies, it can take up to 4 weeks to kill them off completely.  If it is a staph infection, it can clear up in a matter of days with antibiotics if you are lucky.  If it is a Staph infection, don't trust over-the-counter antibiotics unless you know that the infection is not caused by MRSA (Methycillin-Resistant Staph aureus), which is a bitch to get rid of.  I've had MRSA for 4 months now, have tried 8, yes 8 different antibiotics, and am still fighting it.


Anyway you look at it, go see a doctor as soon as possible.

cashattuck, Community Member
3/ 1/10 4:03pm

I have this same problem, my boyfriend does too, and now i see mydaughter is getting some but my son is not.. I would like an answer why they are comin back, they go away but then they will come back. I have not switched no soaps or anything. It is so weird. Pleasehelp. Would seeing a doctor really help'?

KP, Community Member
3/ 1/10 5:34pm

"Would seeing a doctor really help?"

ABSOLUTLEY!!  They will take a culture from the infected area(s) to determine if and what type of bacterial infection you may have.  This will help him determine the most appropriate treatment for you.  Please remember that antibiotics are specific in the way they act, so taking something that is usually used to treat a sinus infection, for example, may not necessarily work on an infection of the skin.  You will only be able to determine the type of bacteria from seeing a doctor and having him take a sample of the infection from you (which is used with a cotton swab and completely harmless).

The longer you wait, the worse it can only get.  Some bacterial infections can enter the bloodstream, and if it does, your road to recovery will only lengthen, not to note that the infection can prove to be fatal at this point.


How to prevent it?  I bleached the hell out of my apartment's countertop surfaces and everytime I touch anything from a doorknob to a kitchen cabinet drawer to the toilet seat, I wipe the surface with a disinfectant wipe to make sure that any germs will not remain. 


Good hygiene is key in preventing reinfection, assuming that your problem is indeed bacterial in origin.


When I was first infected, I had a small pimple that I scratched on my hip.  12 hours later, the small red dot grew to be 6 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch raised off my hip.  I went to the hospital where they cut it out and drained it.  I couldn't put my pants on for a week, but had I waited another 6 hours to go to the hospital, I would have been fighting for my life.  That's how serious this stuff can get.


SO, bottom line, go see a doctor.

cashattuck, Community Member
3/ 1/10 5:38pm

My bumps are just lil. like lil misquito bites. but they itch like crazy. And are mainly on my legs and thighs. I am getting some on my stomach. I just thought it was dry skin such as ezema cuz that runs in my family horrible. My son gets that in the summer???

KP, Community Member
3/ 1/10 5:56pm

It could be scabies, which is a whole other ball game.  Regardless, you should go see a dermatologist to determine if that is it.  It could be eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, a fungul infection, flea bites, or any other skin infections to name a few.

cashattuck, Community Member
3/ 1/10 5:57pm

do i need to see a skin dr or just my normal dr?

KP, Community Member
3/ 1/10 5:58pm

Start with your regular primary doctor, and he or she will refer you to a dermatologist if necessary.  :-)

jackdawson81, Community Member
7/28/14 2:04pm

He, I'm 16 years old. We seem to have the same problem. Started a few weeks ago, first noticed tiny red spots on my feet that were flush to the skin. Just went on vacation and some of them turned into musquito like bumps. Noticind does same little red spots on my upper body, arms and chest right now. Could you help me out? Is this normal, you said your son gets it in the sommer. Its pretty warm here this summer, could it be becaus of that. Will it go away automaticly. Live in a small town and our doctor sucks, so really do not wanna go there. Thanks.

greenemarina28, Community Member
4/21/14 5:18am
What was it? It's happening to my son and me Reply
dan kocuba, Community Member
1/13/11 3:42pm

bumps look like bug bites but arent and itch

GaelicMeg, Community Member
2/21/11 2:44am

Get tested for CREST which is an autoimmune disease in the lupis family.

It has many skin issues, particularly on hands and arms. Extreme dryness of mouth and eyes, skin turns white when exposed to cool air or cold items.

Most doctors do not know what this is and never check for it. A dermatologist diagnosed me with a blood test 13 years after seeing so many doctors who didn't have a clue.

AndeC, Community Member
2/ 7/14 2:03am

GaelicMeg can you tell me more about this? Other symptoms, how it started for you, etc?? I have had issues with my fingers turning white when even slightly cold for a long time now. But I only started having these super itchy "bug bites" for about a week. I jumped on line to see if I could identify them, never thinking there might be a connection! My email is mojofaux@live.com just to be sure I get your reply. This is very scary to me and I want to know all I can. Thank you so much, you could have saved me a lot of precious time and recourses with your answer!

Brva, Community Member
3/ 5/14 11:49pm
What is the amswer Reply
concern christian, Community Member
4/28/14 2:14pm

you can use cortizone•10plus to help with itching. Til you can see your doctor.

jwann, Community Member
6/22/14 5:33am

Come on people really??? It's chiggers!  They embed in your skin and continue to Bite you until you have killed them. Soap and water wont do the trick but rubbing bleach all over your body will. I know sounds harsh, if you find something more gentle. .perfect but yeah its chiggers for sure. Especially if the itch becomes more unbearable at night. Pouring mouth wash on the bite helps relieve the itch.

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