How Becoming Aware Can Change Your Life

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  • Awareness is the key


    Awareness of any situation- whether it be our children's emotions, our husband or friend's emotions, (and yes, even our own emotions) give us the ability to recognize and deal with these emotions. Awareness is 99% of the problem. And just as in any challenge that life brings our way, use these times to practice your innate gift of being aware.


    Antar Mouna


    The following is a specific meditation practice known as "Antar Mouna," which means "inner silence" in Sanskrit. Antar Mouna is an invaluable practice that becomes a life skill. It gives you a tool. It equips you with the gift of self-awareness. This technique is taught by the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India. The ritual of a routine is the key to success with any practice.  Discipline, determination and designating a certain amount of time each day keep you in a rhythm until it becomes a welcomed habit in your day. Teach your child this simple skill and she will reap the benefits for her lifetime.

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    1.      Focus on the Exterior. Get comfortable. Lying down or sitting, spine straight, head and neck in line with the spine, body relaxed. Focus on your sense of touch, what you can feel. Feel your body sitting or lying on the floor, feel the clothes on your body, the hair on your head, and the air on your exposed skin. Stay with this practice of "feeling" for a few minutes. Now focus your attention on what you can hear, listening for loud and soft sounds. After spending a few minutes with this, choose one sound and exclude all the others. Tuning your attention into the one sound you have chosen. Now bring your attention to your sense of smell. What can you smell? Allow your focus to be on the smells in the room; stay with this for a few minutes.


    2.      Focus on the Interior. Bring attention to your breath. Simply notice your breath. Breathe in and out. Watch your breath drop into your abdomen, feeling your abdomen slowly and gently rising and falling with the rhythm of your breathing. It becomes soft and natural. Effortless, only a natural rhythm. Stay with this practice for a while. Now notice any thought coming into your mind. Watch the thought as if you were watching something in nature. You are the observer. Now bring awareness back to your breathing. Continue with this practice for a while, back and forth, watching your thoughts and then back to watching your breath. You begin to feel things melting away, becoming more still and quiet, letting go, free, peaceful. Stay with this for a while. Feel this way of being, the body is allowed to rest and get closer to its true nature. Its natural state. Your body heals and is renewed.


    "When the mind is silent and peaceful it becomes very powerful," says Swami Satyananda Saraswati. "It becomes the receptor of bliss and wisdom and life becomes a spontaneous flow and expression of joy. All this arises naturally when the mind is in an inner state of silence."


Published On: June 02, 2008