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    I want to share a secret with you. This is one of my favorite yoga poses. It doesn't require anything more than a few minutes of your focused attention. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and no one has to know what you are doing. Except, the benefits you feel from practicing this pose may ripple out... and someone may say, why do you look so happy and relaxed?


    Mountain Pose
    This pose brings a state of concentration, calmness, and awareness of your practice. Begin by standing with your feet hip width apart. Bring your attention to your feet. Spend a few minutes letting your toes ripple on the floor. Place one toe down at a time. Feel both your feet with equal amount of weight. Now bring your attention to your pelvis - open and wide, attention to your shoulders — back and down, and attention slightly tucked in so your neck can be long.  Focus your eyes upon something in your vision at eye level. Bring your attention to your breath. Watch your breath as it gently comes in and out. Feel and imitate the qualities of a mountain; grounded, still, powerful, and majestic. Mountain pose, done correctly, is a foundation of yoga postures. It is a pose to do anywhere, any time. It’s a great way to give the body a break from the stresses of the day. This position helps correct your posture by allowing your spine to be straight.

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    excerpted from my book healthymotherhealthychild

Published On: June 13, 2008