A Natural Soother: Your Breath

Beth Irvine Health Guide
  • Sometimes it's the simple things that make all the difference in our life. Try this breathing technique and let your breath's natural rythmn soothe you.


    Sit and breath
    Begin by sitting. Bring all of your atttention, your awareness to your feet. Feel your feet touching the ground. Feel the base of your body as being very heavy. Imagine an anchor that is thrown over the side of a boat and it is sinking and sinking until finally it lands on the ocean floor. The anchor is like the base of your body and, as it rests on the bottom of the ocean, it feels as though it sends a ripple back up through your body, allowing your shoulders and chest to feel lighter, freer. Drop your tailbone. Drop your shoulders, and as they rotate back and down, tuck your chin in a little, and allow your neck to stretch and be long, feeling your chest open and free. It feels as though you have created more space and lightness for your upper body. 

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    Awareness to your breath

    Bring your awareness to your breath. Just notice that you are breathing in and out. Breathe in and out through your nose with your mouth lightly closed, keeping your jaw and the back of your throat soft.  Focus your attention on your breath, notice if your body and mind are beginning to feel quiet and still.
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Published On: July 07, 2008