Meditation in Motion: A Welcomed Oasis in Your Day

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  • My forgotten phone sat innocently on the coffee table this morning happily singing out the same tune over and over again. No one was listening. I on the other hand, felt a sense of panic realizing my phone and I were separated. No phone in my bag, and I was too far from home to turn around to go back and get it. Actually, what a blissful day it was. I stepped fully into the awareness that no one would be able to reach me. This situation gave me a gift, a complete and utter sense of freedom. And it was delicious. Meditation can bring this gift as well, it can bring us a balanced calm and a sense of complete freedom.

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    Meditation in motion
    You know the saying, “you are what you eat.” Similarly, I feel there is truth to “we are what we hold in ourselves.” We become what we think, read, watch, and who we spend our time with. Meditation is a means of providing good, wholesome, powerful thoughts of peace, kindness, tranquility and inner strength. In other words, “you are what you think.”


    I have no time to meditate
    Any time can be meditation time. When you focus on whatever the task is at hand with single-minded attention, you create a meditation. Simple everyday activities become an avenue for creating a quiet, peaceful space in your mind. When folding the laundry, fold it slowly, with love and care, acknowledging wandering thoughts and bringing your attention back to the task at hand. When washing the dishes, wash slowly, with attention, and focus on the soap and water cleaning the dish. Many of the tasks you do throughout the day, which may once have seemed “time wasters,” now can be done with a single, calm focus, as meditations that are incorporated into your daily routine. When you keep a relaxed and alert attention during throughout the day, “mindless” chores can become “mindful” ones.
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Published On: July 23, 2008