Sleeping Through a Hurricane

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  • My family survived hurricane Ike with minimal damage. We now have power restored. As of this morning, so many Houstonians (about 1 million) are still without electricity- and so my house has become "home" for my friend’s kids, washing clothes and filling coolers with ice. The good news being progress is made every day and a beautiful 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature outside provides a welcomed relief from our usual September heat.

    Trying to sleep
    Our daily routines and sleeping conditions have been turned upside down. I left Houston during the hurricane, so now that I am back, I asked many of my friends to describe what trying to sleep was like during the hurricane. Suzanne replied, “ Impossible to sleep, as the strength of the winds produced from the storm shook the windows and house. We could hear our trees being whipped back and forth, all of this lasting for about eleven hours.” Meredith said, “ We didn’t sleep - as our whole family plus two 100 pound Labradors stayed in the safest room in our house- a tiny half bathroom."

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    Tired and cranky

    The night after the storm made it a challenge to sleep as well.So many friends told me how the heat (and their attempt to cool down by opening windows) brought in mosquitoes making it impossible to catch much sleep. The bottom line - after a few days with disrupted routines and little sleep- the majority of Houstonians are cranky.


    How does this relate to my readers at health central? It gives me compassion and understanding for people who suffer with sleep issues. It helps me relate to what it must feel like to be weary and irritable. It empowers me to continue to find ways to help you manage this problem and lead you to a restful place.
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Published On: September 19, 2008