A Good Night's Sleep for Mother and Child

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  • Recently this question came in from "mommy of a toddler": My three-year-old does not sleep through the night do you have any suggestions?

    He is normal height and weight child for his age. He is actually 35 months and is very verbal and has great motor skills, yet is restless at night and does not sleep all night.


    Your question answers many mothers' concerns

    Thanks for your question. I am sure many mothers have similar situations with their children and so your question will answer many mothers’ concerns.

    Daytime ritual and Bedtime routine
    The importance of a bedtime ritual and daytime routine are my initial reaction to answer your question. Establishing these essential rhythms in your toddler's day are in my opinion a cornerstone in creating healthy sleep habits for him. Children can be very sensitive to even the slightest disruption to their schedule or routine. Be diligent about keeping to a pattern for a week or so and notice how his sleep patterns respond.

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    Additionally, please note the article link below which I recently wrote for Health Central. A Good Night's Sleep for Mother and Child

    Here is an excerpt:

    Why techniques for mother and child?
    Incorporating mother and child, a bond that is maternal and deeply rooted, as a therapy is a natural approach. Children have the instinctive ability to focus on their breath and watch how their bodies respond. They make it seem easy. When one remains open and focused, this can happen for adults as well. The techniques that I teach use awareness of our body and breath in helping us let go and relax. Leading by example is one of the most effective ways to teach any new behavior to a child. It has been my observation that mothers seem to benefit from and enjoy the sessions as much as their children.


Published On: September 23, 2008