Sleep Problems and Weight Gain

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  • Research documents that people with sleep problems often have issues with weight gain. I recently received an email from a listener who told me how she has lost a lot weight over the last year.

    Dear Beth: I have lost 30 pounds over this past year, very gradually and without much effort. I am making wiser choices in selection and portion control. I feel more aware of the present moments in my life. I have been listening to your guided meditations since December 2007. Thank you again for your special abilities; they have been such an added gift to my life. -Peggy

    Peggy is an excellent example

    Peggy is an excellent example of “shedding off” the old her. Transforming herself into a new and improved version. In my opinion, one pivotal factor in how she created this change for herself, is how she embraced the idea of being more aware of everything in her life, including her food.

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    Noticing how and what you eat
    In regards to nutrition; awareness to what food you eat and how you eat the food you have chosen is really important in maintaining healthy nutritional balance. Commit to take on board the idea of “noticing” how and what you eat, and it can make a big difference. Whether this new habit leads to ensuring your healthy optimal weight or just getting a great night’s sleep, either way - you're the winner.

    Begin with small steps

    Try these beginning steps to change your current habits and to truly nourish your body and soul:

    •    Think about the food you are about to eat; does it offer you the best nutritional value?
    •    If not, replace it with a healthy choice
    •    Create a habitual time for eating your meals
    •    Sit down and relax while you eat
    •    Take a moment of quiet gratitude before you eat
    •    While eating; look at your food, chew slowly and enjoy!

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Published On: October 29, 2008