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    Change is Good

    Whether it be issues with sleep or anything we want to change in our life. We begin with the desire to make a change. Below is an interview I did for first30days on where I personally go in times of change, the best thing about change and the best change I ever made...

    What is the belief you personally go to during times of change?
    The place I utilize in times of change is allowing myself the luxury of a quiet, still space. My daily meditation practice has become an intricate link in allowing me to navigate with calm confidence through the inconsistency and changes life brings.

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    The best thing about change is...
    It keeps me on my toes! Change, whether it meant moving to another country, learning to take care of my sick child, or a more minor, everyday disappointment, has continually pushed me to grow and learn. My greatest accomplishments have always been preceded by unforeseen, unsolicited, and pretty uncomfortable changes that occurred in my life. Now with some experience under my belt, I know that when change has brought me to an uncomfortable place, I know that a new level of growth and goodness is not far behind.

    What is the best change you have ever made?
    After enduring a very uncomfortable stage with a sick child, I made the decision to create a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. It was the catalyst that led to my son’s recovery and to the dedicated passion of my work today.

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Published On: December 29, 2008