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  • Some people have prophetic dreams involving more widespread

    disasters.  Lynn Walbeck has had many dreams of the crash of

    commercial planes, usually days before the crash occurred.  The

    dreams, however, are vague, although sometimes she knows the

    continent and occasionally the country.


    Lynn's most disturbing dream, however, was about the explosion of

    the space shuttle Challenger in 1986.  The dream occurred the

    night before the launch.  "I was visibly upset when I went to

    work the next day," she said.  "I told some of my friends about

    my dream, and, during break, a woman came in to tell me the

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    Challenger had just exploded."


    Marla Miller also dreamed about the Challenger.  "The next

    morning," Marla reported, "I turned on the TV to a Special Report

    on the launching of the Challenger.  And then watched my dream

    again as the Challenger exploded on my TV screen."


    Kirby Bevans dreamed of an exploding plane.  ""I found myself

    falling toward the ground," Kirby says, "surrounded by sharp

    plane fragments."   Kirby landed in the water, then realized that

    the water was actually a swamp.  Twenty-four hours later, a jet

    plane coming into Logan Airport in Boston made a low approach to

    its runway and crashed into the sea wall.  Passengers were thrown

    into shallow water that was, indeed, like a swamp.



    Reports are widespread of people who dreamed about the Kennedy

    assassination.  The mining disaster in Wales that destroyed a

    school in Aberfam and took the life of many children haunted many

    dreams beforehand.  Another occasion when dreams may have been a

    factor in the saving of lives was the sailing of the Titanic.

    More than twenty tickets were canceled for undisclosed reasons

    shortly before the ship set sail.


    There are reports of dreams that foretell more pleasant events:

    the birth of a child, an engagement or a wedding to come.  People

    have claimed they dreamed winning lottery numbers, or seen the

    outcome of a horse race.  Using the dream as a guide, they've

    become winners.


    The majority of prophetic dreams, however foretell death,

    disasters or accidents.  Perhaps these events have a stronger

    impact on the sleeping mind than pleasant experiences.  Sigmund

    Freud believed that, when a person slept, his mental defenses

    were lowered.  Another possibility, however, is that people do

    remember more clearly the shock of envisioning death or disaster.


    Richard Broughton, Ph.D., of Rhine University says, "It could

    also be the case that these events are things one should be

    warned about.  [The dreams] may anticipate potential dangers and

    thus serve some evolution-based survival mechanism."


    Janice Baylis, author of "Sex, Symbols and Dreams," sets the

    occurrence of prophetic dreams at 23 percent of all dreams.

    Richard Broughton estimates a little lower, at 15 percent.  There

    is a good possibility, however, that this number is much higher.

    Many dreams may not be remembered, or are never reported.


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    Prophetic dreams seem to be an inherited trait, as in my family.

    Many people who responded to my request remarked on this

    fact.  Deborah Clark says both her father and her aunt have had

    similar experiences.  Lynn Walbeck states that these dreams seem

    to run in her family and Penny Greenwell says her immediate

    family has many such experiences.  Holly Byrne attributes dreams

    to her sister, her oldest brother and her mother, as well as

    herself.  ""Both my grandmothers seemed to have knowing ways,"

    she reports.


    Although some dreams reveal future disasters, the dreamer seldom

    is able to warn anyone.  Broughton says, "Precognitive dreams are

    not great vehicles for warning about the future.  Often they can

    be lacking in just the crucial details that one needs to make a



    Also, many people may be hesitant to issue a warning because of

    the possibility they won't be believed.  They could even face

    ridicule, especially if they happen to be wrong.  Accidents aimed

    at a person's family, however, have often been prevented by a

    timely precognitive dream.



    Some aboriginal people rely heavily on dreams to lead them

    through life.  The Native Americans have their vision quest.  The

    Australian aborigines depend on their dream time.  In Africa,

    several tribes make it a morning ritual to relate the dreams of

    the night before.


    Has civilization dulled our dream sense?  Perhaps if more

    emphasis were placed on recalling and relating our dreams,

    prophetic dreaming might become more widespread, revealing events

    that would help us live more creative, productive lives.


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    This article appeared several years ago in Fate Magazine.


Published On: December 11, 2010