Should I Change My Prescription?

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  • A recent article in USA Today addressed the astronomical amount of money that pharmaceutical companies are spending to influence American consumers. As you might have noticed, it's almost impossible to turn on your television without seeing advertisements for an endless array of prescription drugs. This advertising appears across every form of media: the Internet, television, magazines; it even pops up in such unexpected places as on the side of buses.


    There are advertisements for pills to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, erectile dysfunction and dozens of other diseases and disorders. These ads are seemingly educational, explaining the symptoms, prognosis and treatment of these maladies. For me, it's gratifying to see the ads warn of possible side effects and drug interactions that may occur when using them. However, I still believe that advertising should be government regulated and information on the various drugs should be available to everyone on a government website.

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    As a patient, I watch drug ads with interest, but I have never asked my doctor to prescribe anything I've seen advertised. I leave the choice up to the medical professionals. They are know what my body needs and what I should avoid.


    Should advertisements for prescription drugs be regulated by the government? How do you feel about all the money spent on this type of advertising in the media? Let us know what YOU think today!

Published On: March 06, 2008