Feng Shui in the Bedroom

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  • In the book "Feng shui in a Weekend" by Simon Brown, we learn that applying feng shui principles to your bedroom has a positive effect on the quality of your sleep, which in turn affects your long-term health.


    What is Feng Shui?


    It's the Chinese system of living in harmony with the natural elements and forces of earth. It's all about balance in your surrounding and in your life, and takes into consideration compass directions, colors and the use of natural materials. Feng Shui is over 4000 years old. The Chinese call it balancing your Chi (Life force) and it revolves around the Yin/Yang forces. Yin is the Female or Passive force and Yang is the active male force. For peace and restfulness in the bedroom, the Yin force should be emphasized.

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    Here are a few tips for using Feng Shui in your bedroom to improve your sleep.


    The Room

    The walls and ceiling should be painted in soft pastel colors. The carpet should blend with all the other elements in the room, so keep it light colored or neutral.


    Bed sheets and pillows are best in pastels as well. Avoid bright red or other flashy colors. It's best if they're mad of natural fabrics - silk, linen, cotton. Avoid synthetics if at all possible.


    Of course, the room should be the right temperature - not too warm, not too cold, and as quiet as possible. Good air circulation is important as well.


    Keep the room neat and tidy. Avoid clutter, not only because of the Feng Shui principles, but because a cluttered floor could be dangerous. If you get up in the night, you could trip and fall.


    Remember. Keep it restful. The bedroom should be used for nothing but sleep and sex.


    The Bed

    The positioning of the bed is of the utmost importance. Never have your head or your feet toward door. You should be able to see the door without in any way blocking the entrance. Placing the bed diagonally in the room is excellent if you have the space. Otherwise, the head should face north or east.


    Don't sleep directly beneath a ceiling fan or have anything hanging looming over the bed, and keep clutter from beneath the bed. A solid headboard offers a feeling of security.


    Neither is it good to sleep directly beneath a window. If this can't be avoided, make sure to cover the window with an opaque curtain.


    Miscellaneous Items

    Electronic items don't promote sleep. Get the TV, hi-fi and computer out of the bedroom. If this is impossible, cover them at night. Mirrors should not face the bed and should also be covered. They reflect the room and can be startling if a person gets up in the night and sees his or her reflection move.

    Exercise equipment has active energy, so don't keep it in the bedroom, or at least keep it covered at night.


    Did you bring paperwork home from the office? Don't leave it in the bedroom at night or it might interfere with your sleep.


    Avoid bright lights - spot lights, bare bright bulbs, etc. Use soft lighting and shades. Even the nightlight, if required, should be soft, not dazzling.


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    The pictures and any ornaments should carry on this restful theme. No water fountains or pictures of water. The Feng Shui theory is that water increases allergies, asthma and breathing problems.


    If your bedroom has an adjoining toilet, be sure you keep the toilet lid down and the door closed.


    No plants should loom over bed. In fact, it's best to keep plants out of the bedroom. If you must have plants, they should be green and growing. Get rid of dying or sickly plants.


    Avoid loud buzzing alarms. Awaken to the strains of restful music, to the singing of birds or the tinkle of bells. Or try one of the lights that gradually grow brighter, just like the gradual rise of the sun. As a last touch, hang some crystals in the window.


    Maybe some of this sounds silly to you, but you'll never know if you don't try it. It has been around for thousands of years. That should give it some credibility.



Published On: June 10, 2008