Snoring and Sleep Apnea

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  • Once a year, in June, we celebrate Father's Day. What terms do you associate with the word "Father?" At our house it was fishing, country music, rodeos and laughter. Oh, and one more word...snoring.


    As the years went by, snoring began to wipe out the other things we loved about our father. Snoring is more than an irritating problem. It's a warning sign that the snorer may be the victim of sleep apnea. Unfortunately, we didn't know that. We couldn't figure out what was sapping the life out of the man we loved.


    He seldom went out fishing any more, or took the long country walks he'd loved. He fell asleep at rodeos or watching Nashville Now on TV. The laughter died away. Soon he couldn't even stay awake long enough to carry on a conversation.

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    Fathers are an important part of any family. Another important factor is health. Whether it's Father's Day or any other day of the year, keep your father and your family healthy by following a few simple rules.





    • Eat healthy. Cut back on fats and sweets. Make a habit of checking food labels for those low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Eat foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Keep your fiber intake high.
    • Get sufficient exercise. Make exercise a habit for the entire family. TV's addictive, but don't allow any member of your family to become a couch potato. Get up, get out and move.
    • Make sufficient sleep a priority.  Eight hours is the recommended amount. Less than six causes sleep deprivation and can lead to a deterioration in mental and physical health.
    • Stay aware of unhealthy patterns. Watch for things like a loss of energy and vitality. Be aware of sleep patterns and watch for things like loud snoring, restless sleep, excess daytime sleepiness and increased irritability.



    Snoring is no laughing matter. Neither is it a reason to become angry with the person who snores. He or she can't help it. Insist on a visit to the doctor and possibly a sleep test.


    Take care of all the members of your family and keep them healthy. Take special care of Father. We lost ours to sleep apnea ten years ago. Don't let that happen to you.


Published On: June 10, 2008