What's Keeping You Awake at Night?

Florence Cardinal Health Guide
  • The things that keep us awake are many, and tend to vary from person to person. Noise, illness, including sleep disorders, and stress, to name a few.


    Stress means worry, and it's worry that's keeping many folk awake - worry over something called the "credit crunch." A survey done by the budget hotel chain, Travelodge in the UK suggests that some workers are getting less than six hours sleep a night because of worries about money and job security.


    An article from the International Herald Tribune (the global edition of the New York Times) reports that the days of reckless spending using credit cards, and risky gambling on the stock market, may be coming to an end because of those same "credit crunch" worries. Soon people will be reverting to the old way of purchasing luxury items - waiting for pay day and saving for those articles.

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    People have been living beyond their means, not only using credit cards, but borrowing against their homes and possessions. The real estate crash of the past few years has made some folks stop and look at what they are doing.


    But there are still things to worry about in the world of credit and work. Stress is still keeping people awake at night, and sleep deprivation is only adding to the problem. So what are we to do?


    First, although it isn't easy, remember that worrying and stressing aren't helping. In fact, they are adding to the problem. When you go to bed with your mind whirling with thoughts of company cut-backs and that threatening letter from the credit card company, find a method to relax and turn off your over-active mind. Try meditation. Listen to relaxing music and the peaceful sounds of nature.


    Before going to bed, try a relaxing bath. Showers tend to be stimulating, so avoid them if possible. Make sure your bedroom is at its best for sleeping - cool, dark and quiet. Remove anything that reminds you of work or money - computer, briefcase. Even remove the telephone or turn off the ringer.


    Let all your thoughts be peaceful. A full night of restful sleep will do more to solve your problems than all the worry in the world.

Published On: September 15, 2008