Sleeping Double in a Single Bed

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  • Anyone who has any knowledge at all of country music will probably remember the Barbara Mandrell hit, "Sleeping Single in a Double Bed." That, according to the song, is not a favorable situation.

    However, please consider the alternative. Snuggling together on a narrow bed may sound appealing to the newlyweds, but believe me, keep it up and the honeymoon will soon be over. Buy a bed large enough to give both people room to move around, stretch or roll over without disturbing his or her partner. Double is okay, but a queen or king size bed, if you have the room, is even better.


    Think about it. You just doze off and your bed partner rolls over and slams you in the back with a hard knee. Or he or she may begin to snore, a most irritating sound to say the least. This one night time habit has been known to drive a spouse into a separate room to sleep. That's not good for a marriage.

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    To sleep well, people need comfort. A large bed, the right amount of blankets and a firm mattress all are requisites to a good night's sleep. And, if your partner's snoring does irritate you, invest in a pair of earplugs.


    Other things that can disturb your rest are temperature, light, and noise. Make sure your room is neither too hot nor too cold. Sleeping with the window open to get fresh air is great, but don't become so obsessed with this idea that you open the window in inappropriate weather - like twenty degrees below zero.


    The bedroom should be dark. A small nightlight to help you navigate to the bathroom if necessary is okay, but keep it low. If streetlights, car lights or the full moon shine into your room, it might be a good idea to pull the shade.

    Noise is a real destroyer of sleep. Again, earplugs may help. And keep all disturbing influences, like TV, radio and computer out of the room where you sleep. But, if you find it helps, use a CD or tape player for soft soothing music, the sounds of Nature or white noise (that meaningless static that masks other sounds and induces sleep.)

    And never try sleeping double in a single bed or you may end up sleeping single in a double bed.




Published On: January 07, 2009