Did Diprivan Lead to Michael Jackson's Death?

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  • It's no surprise to hear that Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia. According to an Associated Press news release, he'd been plague with insomnia as far back as 1989 and the "Bad" tour.


    Sleep problems are common among celebrities, and, no matter your personal opinion of Michael Jackson, there's no doubt he was a celebrity - a super nova of the music world. Can you imagine the stress and pressure of most of life? Then add to that his personal problems, the accusations and the rumors, doubts and speculation revolving around what was considered his weird behavior.


    Then, added to his already stressful life style, he decided it was time to stage a comeback - a 50-concert run at London's O2 Arena - 50 concerts in front of thousands of fans. Is it any wonder he was having trouble sleeping?

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    So ... as so many other insomniacs have, he turned to medication. And the drugs may have led to his death. The intravenous drug, Diprivan (generic name Propofol) is normally used as an anesthetic induction agent. It is not approved as a sedative or a sleeping pill. This is considered as off-label use and is not encouraged. It's unusual for this drug that is administered intravenously, to be found in a private home.


    So many drugs exist for the treatment of insomnia. Yet, insomnia isn't usually a disorder on its own, but is more likely the result of some underlying condition. In the case of Jackson and other celebrities who have fallen victim to drug abuse in the search for a good night's sleep, that condition is often stress.


    Instead of searching for stronger and stronger sleeping pills, it would be wiser, and safer, to try to cure the underlying cause before we lose any more of our stars.











Published On: July 07, 2009