Meet Florence Cardinal, Sleep Disorders Expert Patient

Florence Cardinal Health Guide
  • Hello. I'm Florence Cardinal and I'm honored to be able to write about sleep disorders for Health Central. Let me explain my interest in sleep disorder.




    On St. Patrick's Day, 1998, my husband, Norman, died of a heart attack. He was just three days away from his 67th birthday. This was his second heart attack. His doctor attributed them to the sleep apnea he'd suffered from for several years.


    When he was first diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was surprised at how little people knew of the disorder. I had heard of insomnia and narcolepsy, but not sleep apnea. I began researching sleep disorders. I read books, searched the Internet and talked to doctors and sleep specialists.

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    I became fascinated by the whole world of sleep. After all, sleep takes up about a third of our lives, but is still, to some extent, a mystery. So many disorders exist, and in so many different forms. Much to my surprise, I found out I also suffer from a sleep disorder, another one I'd never heard of. I have recurring bouts of sleep paralysis, especially when I'm stressed about anything.


    After Norman died, I continued my research and began writing about sleep disorders. In 1999, I became the Sleep Disorders Guide at and continued in that position until October of 2006.


    I've become known as a sleep disorders advocate. I hope I can help people who suffer from sleep apnea or insomnia or one of the many other sleep disorders to understand what's going on in their lives.


    I hope to be able to give you the basics of the various sleep disorders, find places you can get help, and bring you the latest in research and breaking news.


Published On: April 06, 2007