Sleep Is Only a Click Away with New Sleep Aids

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  • Having trouble sleeping? Modern technology sees a problem and looks for a solution, and, believe me, lots of solutions are available. Do they work? That's for you to decide.


    Flick the Switch

    The latest invention promises to send you to sleep with the flick of a switch. Magnetic waves can be used to stimulate the brain in a way that generates the brainwaves characteristic of the deepest phase of sleep, according new research by Giulio Tononi, a University of Wisconsin-Madison psychiatry professor. Dr. Tononi focuses his research on sleep and consciousness. This latest research deals with the production of the slow brain waves found when a person in a deep sleep.

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    Tononi believes that this deep sleep not only refreshes the mind and body, but also aids in the learning process by weakening and removing trace memories, clearing the way for new learning.


    Will it aid those who suffer from insomnia? It's yet to be tested, but would be a real boon if it did.


    Listen to the Music

    Other methods that claim to induce sleep include music and sounds. Many people have benefited from listening to soothing music, either alone or blended with sounds, including rain, waves and bird song. The rhythmic beat of a drum mimics the heartbeat and is one form of music that can induce sleep. You can listen to samples of this method online at Sound Sleeping.


    Brain Wave Music

    Researchers from the sleep clinic at the University of Toronto have carried this theory a step further. They are developing a new type of music - "brain wave music."

    This music is created by studying individual brain waves and then creating music to match the patterns formed by the waves. The researchers believe that this special music will lead to deeper relaxation and greatly improved sleep.


    "Brain Wave Music" may even aid in the healing of psychosomatic disorders such as anxiety or depression without the risk of dependency on medication. This new theory was tested on a group of volunteers who were long time sufferers of anxiety and/or insomnia. Ten of these volunteers listened to "Brain Wave Music" created to follow their individual brain wave patterns while eight volunteers heard placebo music. In the case of both sets of volunteers, there was some reduction of anxiety and improved sleep. However, the results were much more noticeable in the group listening to their special "Brain Wave Music."


    Glo To Sleep

    Another method of falling asleep, and one I have tested myself, is the Glo to Sleep. Glo to Sleep™ is a light weight breathable sleep mask that completely blocks out all light. However, on the inside of the mask, soothing luminescent blue "Points of Glo" give the wearer something to focus on. The gaze is gently drawn upward to focus on these points and that's the secret of this method. The act of looking up alters the state of consciousness and the wearer slips naturally through the different brain wave states of sleep. Also, looking up stimulates the pineal gland where the hormone melatonin is produced.


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    This simple device works on the same principle as meditation and hypnosis, focusing the eye and the mind on one spot and concentrating on it. However, because the eyes are covered, and, because you have nothing to draw the eye away from the point of focus, it's easier and more accurate. The Glo to Sleep™ leads you easily and quickly into sleep.


    Glo to Sleep™ is a new Canadian invention from the mind of Tim Blott. He suffered from insomnia and was determined to find a solution. It's based on ancient knowledge and methods brought up to modern standards. It's manufactured by Line 49, Inc. with offices based in Calgary, Alberta.

    How to use the Glo to Sleep™

    Hold the inside of the mask toward a light source to activate the "Points of Glo."

    The "Points of Glo" will become a rich blue color.

    Put on the mask, look up at the "Point of Glo" that's the most natural point for you and breathe deeply.

    Your mind activity will slow down, tension will melt away, and before you know it, you'll be in a state of deep Delta sleep. It worked for me and it's worked for many others.


Published On: May 02, 2007