Hotels Want you to "Sleep Happy"

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    Here are the top five complaints I hear when it comes to sleep issues:

    • I can't fall asleep - I just keep spinning the problems of the day
    • I fall asleep but wake up, really dwelling on something I need to do tomorrow
    • I fall asleep, but my kids - the dog - the neighbors - wake me up, and then I can't fall back asleep
    • I sleep through the night, but wake up feeling like I didn't sleep for even an hour; I'm still so tired.
    • My sleep patterns just seem to be constantly changing - is it aging? Something else that's serious??


    Sleep to me is a chance to re-charge all of my energy engines - physical, mental, emotional; it's a chance to let stress go, let my body relax, dream happy thoughts.  Sure, that's my fantasy script, but usually, the opposite happens.  I experience the common scenario of hit or miss when it comes to a good night's sleep.  So I'm also the perfect person to share what I do know about sleep problems and what we can all do to get a good night's sleep.

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    Apparently I'm not the only one concerned about our sleep patterns and habits.  Hotels are waking up (pun intended) to the realization that "if guests don't snooze - they lose."  So hotels are doing everything they can to accommodate the sleep needs of guests, to help ensure a happy, well-rested patron. 


    Traveling to NY? At 70 Park Ave. guests can shoot an e-mail or call a "pillow librarian" to request a number of different sleep inducers.  Also available: aromatherapy pillows, scented sachets, chocolates with melatonin and pillows with acupressure components.


    Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts offers a "sleep advantage" program which includes ear plugs, eye mask, lavender mist, a special CD to play in the evening, and a clip to secure drapes so no light penetrates during sleep time.  They also offer "quiet zone" floors and a refund to any guest who does not get their scheduled wake-up call.  Other hotels that are focusing on sleep needs include Hotel Monaco Chicago, Aqua Cancun, Canyon Ranch in Tucson and Lenox, Mass, Miraval Tucson, and The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village,


    Many hotels also offer specific spa treatments to encourage sleep and everything from foot warmers to humidifiers to sound machines - even teddy bears.  The take away message for those of us who may never partake of these wonderful travel opportunities is to incorporate some of these tools into our own sleep arsenal.  Remember that your bedroom should be an oasis that encourages sleep. Do you have a special routine or simple solution to sleep woes?  Are you struggling with a sleep problem?


Published On: June 20, 2008