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    Here's a sleep fact.  10% of American adults suffer from chronic insomnia and as many as one third of American struggle with an occasional sleepless night.  Plenty of people turn to sleeping pills on a regular basis and that can result in rebound sleeplessness when you try to discontinue using these medications.  Well maybe a little research can help us get some additional zzzs.


    When people sleep the blood moves away from their core (center of their body) to their hands and feet.  The hands and feet get about a degree warmer, while the core gets cooler.  So if there was a way to learn to do the kind of deep breathing that could relax your body and help you imagine that your hands (and feet) were getting warm, maybe that same technique could help a person to fall asleep more quickly or help the person who struggles to fall asleep.  A study that tracked people who tried this very technique (known as temperature biofeedback) found that on average these test subjects fell asleep 30 minutes earlier than they had before.

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    While more studies look at this technique and its implications for helping people with sleep issues - you can adopt habits that may help you to sleep better.  That includes:

    • Going to bed at the same time everyday
    • Use your bed for sleep only
    • Create a sleep haven with gentle music, gentle scents, dim lighting
    • Take a warm shower or bath before bedtime
    • Don't eat or exercise within 2 hours of bedtime


    And here's another "cute piece of advice" - be happy and married!!  Research shows that happily married women have less trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, fewer early morning awakenings and more restful sleep when compared to their unhappily married counterparts.  My motto has always been to not go to sleep angry at my husband and to communicate when I'm unhappy - frustrated or feeling like we are not communicating. 


    How's your marriage and how's your sleep??


Published On: June 28, 2008