Can't Sleep??Maybe It's the Caffeine Company You're Keeping

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  • I just visited my local supermarket and began to count all the so called "energy drinks" available....93...94....Well according to the latest figures there are over 200 energy drinks to pump you up-boost you up - energize you - so you can be the best you can be!!  Used to be we'd get our caffeine jolt from coffee or colas but now you've got fortified drinks and even foods - but let's stick to drinks.  According to a new study, you had better track how much caffeine you're getting from all those caffeine sources - and 400 mgs. is the safe upper limit.


    What does 400 mgs translate to?  Two cups of java and one energy drink.  More than that can apparently cause the jitters, nauseau, and palpitations and people have been known to go to the local ER with these complaints thinking they were coming down with the flu - when in actuality they were suffering from "energy buzziritis!!" (that is my health term for the condition - do not offer it on an insurance form).  and of course - it must be a cause of sleep issues - because frankly many of us are sensitive to caffeine - we're not tracking the amount we take in daily and we may be drinking caffeine drinks too late in the day.  Sleep sufferer, beware.

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    We do need to monitor caffeine since it has a drug-like effect and the way to be smart and safe is to read labels and do the math; never mix a caffeine drink and alcohol (the mix can mask how drunk you are and cause dehydration); these drinks can also be loaded with sugar calories and sodium so have your java and drink water, I say.

Published On: July 02, 2008