If You Snore - Then Your Pinkie and a Ring…..

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  • Experts say more than half of US households are affected by a .....snorer.  Well, apparently there is a new simple technology from Australia that may offer relief.  It's called the "therapeutic snore ring" and it is making its US launch this month.  It is a small silver ring that fits on your pinkie finger and applies direct pressure to a specific logistic area of that finger that is associated with an acupressure point.  The pressure point is specifically located on the left pinkie finger and through the principles of acupressure it creates a calming and relaxing effect to the areas of the nose and throat that are involved in snoring.

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    Clearly if your snoring is due to a serious problem like sleep apnea, then you do need serious medical attention and treatment.  But you can also try this ring for some immediate relief - especially if a spouse or loved one is suffering right along with you.  The ring is available at http://www.thesnorring.com but ALWAYS check with your doctor before self-treating.

Published On: August 17, 2008