Maybe It's Not ADD - Maybe It's Sleep Apnea

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  • Your child is not focusing - he or she (we'll say he for the purposes of the discussion) are fidgety, moody, quick to anger, has focusing problems, simply cannot sit still and you assume -ADD.  Well, it's certainly possible it is ADD, but health experts want you to consider something else  - sleep apnea.

    According to ENT doctors, enlarged tonsils can cause obstructive sleep apnea in kids.  That means poor sleep quality and lots of interrupted sleep.  That translates to school work and mental development being impacted in a very negative way.  And this may stagger you - but thousands of kids may be suffering from undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (due to enlarged tonsils).

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    So, how do you know?? Is it ADD, ADHD or simply behavior problems due to poor sleep quality and insufficient amount of sleep?  Is your child snoring loudly, gasping or making sorting noises?  It is an easy thing to check on your child for a couple of nights, periodically, until you go to sleep yourself.  In adults, sleep apnea is typically caused by excess weight (and this can be true with overweight kids) but in kids, enlarged tonsils is typically the problem.


    Talk to your doctor if you even suspect this is your child's health issue.

Published On: September 01, 2008