Naps Are Just Not for Kids....But

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  • The September issue of Harvard Men's Health Watch says that taking a quick afternoon nap may be a great way to refresh when you are feeling sleepy.  So many of us are routinely sleep deprived and we often feel groggy during the day.  We may "conk out" when it's not convenient - like suddenly, at our desk.  If the cause of our grogginess is a health condition like restless leg syndrome or obstructive sleep apnea, then obviously we need to treat those conditions.


    But many of us could simply use a "power nap" to re-charge.  Not a bad idea, as long as those naps only last about 20 minutesThe downside?? Some people suffer from sleep inertia or excessive grogginess when they wake up.  Another problem?? You start not sleeping as well at night.  The upside?? For some people it can really improve mood, alertness and even psychomotor performance. 

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    Want to try out this power nap theory personally?

    • Take your nap between noon and 4 pm
    • Keep the nap between 20-40 minutes long.
    • Allow a 10-15 minute "wake up and re-orient period" before you take on an important task


Published On: September 08, 2008