No TV or Computer in Any Child's Room say McCain and Obama

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  • Well, not really but what a great slogan to adopt in this political campaign.  Something we could really grasp and understand, expecially if you look at recent studies.  Middle school age kids who have a TV or computer in their bedroom sleep less, watch more TV, play more computer games and surf the net, more than their peers who don't have access to these items directly in their bedroom.


    According to the study (out of Israel), middle school kids watch 2 hrs and 40 minutes of TV daily (on average) and use their computers for 3 hours and 45 minutes (on average).  On weekends they watch an additional half hour per day and use the computer about 4 hours per day.  If there's a TV and computer in their room, those figures jump to one additional hour on TV (per day) and and additional half hour on the computer daily compared to the other kids.

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    When it comes to eating:

    20% eat in front of TVs regularly

    70% eat in front of TVs occasionally

    10% never do


    Eating in front of the computer was not as attractive a habit with:

    10% eating by the computer regularly

    40% occasionally

    The rest, never


    Researchers did notice that the more a child watches TV or uses the computer, the more likely he will eat in front of the screen.



Published On: October 07, 2008