A Light Bulb Just Went Off

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  • Here's some new research that may be just what the average professional needs - to stay alert and productive, that is.

    Researchers at the Surrey Sleep Center in partnership with Philips Lighting found that switching out traditional white lights for blue -enriched white light, helped workers to stay more alert and be less sleepy during the day.


    The research also showed subtle improvements in:

    • Positive moods
    • Work performance
    • Fatigue in the evening
    • Irritability
    • Ability to concentrate
    • Focusing ability
    • Eye strain

    The workers exposed to the new light also said that they slept much better at night.  The research was done on 104 workers, each of whom were observed for 4 weeks under one type of light and then the other type of light.  Researchers concluded that indeed changing office lighting may be one of the easiest things businesses can do to make workers feel better and to improve their bottom line productivity.

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Published On: October 30, 2008