Do You Kick or Cry Out During Sleep? Have Allergic Rhinitis?

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  • Two new health headlines on sleep offer the following:


    (1) If you have a sleep disorder called REM sleep behavior disorder, which means that during REM phase of sleep, you have excessive muscle activity like punching/kicking/crying out (instead of the normal lack of muscle tone expected) then you may be at greater risk for neurodegenerative disease.  In fact more than 50% of patients observed to have this sleep disorder, and clinically diagnosed, went on to have a neurodegenrative disease within 12 years. 

    This new study, published in the December 24th issue of the journal Neurology, recommends that doctors pay close attention to the sleep disturbed patients since they may go on to develop Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Lewy body dementia, or multiple system atrophy.  Since it is difficult to diagnose these diseases early on - knowing that someone has REM sleep behavior disorder will allow a doctor to scrutinize any neurological changes and jump on the diagnostic/treatment formulas very early on.

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    (2) Allergic rhinitis is not specifically associated with either snoring or daytime sleepiness.  Individuals who suffer from obstructed nasal passages are, however, likely to suffer from snoring and daytime sleepiness regardless of whether they do or don't have allergies.


    In fact, nasal obstruction is one of the most troublesome symptoms of nasal and sinus diseases (including allergic rhinitis).  People with nasal obstruction will also typically have:

    Headache, thirst, lack of concentration, daytime cognitive deficits, daytime sleepiness, disturbed sleep.

    These symptoms can typically affect daily and social activities. 


    It is nasal obstruction that is an independent factor causing sleep-disordered breathing and thus daytime sleepiness and a decline in school and work performance.  This should therefore be considered a serious quality of life issue and be diagnosed and treated. 

Published On: December 30, 2008