Narcolepsy: Treatment Options

Lauren Mergen Health Guide
  • Treating narcolepsy can be a tricky procedure.  There are many options, but most are what I call “band-aids”.  There are no cures, but the goal is to help control the symptoms of narcolepsy.  They can help, but won’t cure the condition. 

    Prescription Medications:

    When I was first diagnosed, my doctor and I decided that a stimulant would help reduce the grogginess I was experiencing everyday.  I started with armodafinil also known as Nuvigil.  The dosage was a little too high for my body so I felt like my eyes were popping out of my head.  We reduced the dosage and tried again for a few more weeks, but I still didn’t feel right.

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    Next, I was prescribed methylphenidate also known as Ritalin to be taken in the morning and in the early afternoon.  I experimented for a few weeks with dosages and found one that works well for me.  Now, I take 10 milligrams twice a day. 


    I don’t take a lot of naps because of my busy schedule, but short 20 minute naps can help you get over that 3 o’clock slump.  


    I have experimented with many different styles of eating and recently found what works for me.  Light, vegetarian meals are recommended, but follow a diet where your body thrives. You can read more about my diet here.

    As always, talk to your doctor before making changes to your lifestyle.


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    What treatments for narcolepsy have you tried? What has worked? What hasn’t?

Published On: November 01, 2011