Narcolepsy and Exercise

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  • Lately, I was feeling especially bored with my workout routine.  I tried to spice it up by incorporating new exercises, doing more yoga and more interval training.  But I stopped seeing the same results I was this summer.  What was I doing wrong? Frustrated, I decided to meet with a personal trainer to refocus on my goals. 


    Should I run on the treadmill or outside? Should I work on distance, pace or high intensity interval training? Is running the most efficient way for me to burn calories?  What about weight training?  More weights, less repetitions? I was overwhelmed with information. 

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    My trainer and I discussed my narcolepsy and other health issues, my current workout routine and eating habits. Though weight loss is my main goal, my trainer and I did not set a specific goal weight.  In the end, I told my trainer I would like to be stronger and feel healthy and fit.  I’m not sure what it feels like, but I think when I reach my goal, I’ll feel it.  I’m not aiming for a number on the scale, but to improve my endurance and strength.  The smaller number will follow.


    He crafted a plan focused on cardio, (mostly running) weight training and clean eating.  After one week of training with him, I have had a hard time walking down the stairs.


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    Have you ever used a personal trainer?  What is your favorite form of exercise?

Published On: November 12, 2011