Loads of Links: A Guide to Holiday Shopping

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  • With the holidays just around the corner, I’ve compiled a gift guide for those special people in your life.  I am committed to a natural lifestyle and many of the products are 100% endorsed by me.  There’s something for the marathon runner, the yogi, the insomniac and everyone in between. 

    Staying active is an important part of keeping control of my narcolepsy symptoms.  A new gym bag, yoga mat and BPA-free waterbottle are at the top of my Christmas list this year.  CamelBak and bobble make staying hydrated more convenient.   (Side note: Women with PCOS may be more vulnerable to exposure to BPA.)

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    A cozy mug of hot tea is another way to stay hydrated through the cold winter months! My favorites are Tazo Awake, a bold breakfast tea and Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger, a refreshing caffeine free herbal tea. 

    Ever heard of benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate or limonene?  You probably didn’t know that those chemicals are present in everyday products like perfume, shampoo, nail polish and hairspray.  And these same chemicals that we consume, inhale or touch can cause major health issues.  Gift essential oils instead.  They can be used as air fresheners, lotions, hair care, body wash and much more.  And you’ll be able to pronounce the ingredients!

    Light can suppress the production of melatonin, which is directly involved in the process of sleep initiation, says Rochelle Zozula, PhD, coordinator at Capital Health’s Center for Sleep Medicine in Hamilton, N.J. (source)  A sleep mask that blocks light to promote sleep and relaxation can be a simple and effective remedy for troubled sleepers. 

    Listening to relaxing music before and during sleep can promote a peaceful, restful sleep, as well as reduce stress and insomnia.  (source)  My all-time favorite bedtime music is Enya, but Lorie Line, Sigur Rós and Ólafur Arnalds round off my playlist. 

    Other ideas:

    Reusable shopping bags

    Natural cosmetics (my favorite!)


    What is on your list this year?  Share below!


    Sleep Well,


Published On: December 12, 2011