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Martin Reed

New Insomnia Drug, Belsomra, Approved in the United States

A new first-in-class prescription drug for insomnia was approved for release in the United States in August 2014. The drug, Belsomra (suvorexant), is an orexin receptor antagonist. It works by altering the signaling of orexins – neurotransmitters which... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

Beating Insomnia with ASMR Videos

If you suffer from sleepless nights, relief may be mouse-click away. Insomniacs around the world are rediscovering sleep by tapping into their autonomous sensory meridian response (Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

Six Common Insomnia Myths

Sleeping is a part of everyone’s life. As such, most people assume they know a lot about the topic. If you are dealing with insomnia, you may have heard many myths about it. Here are some common myths about the condition along with the facts that dispel them.


Insomnia Myth #1: Only Depressed or Nervous People... Read moreChevron

Martin Reed

Naps Benefit Adults, Too

It isn’t just young children who can benefit from naps. Adults can, too. The Spanish cultures know this and most generally still abide by siestas so that individuals can have an early afternoon rest. However, most other cultures view naps as an indulgence or a treat. Yet, research is showing that naps can be beneficial. They go far in... Read moreChevron

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10 Houseplants That Help You Sleep (INFOGRAPHIC)

Houseplants are an excellent way to improve your home aesthetics and improve your overall health and wellness. In addition to detoxing the air you breathe, plants can also help you achieve better... Read moreChevron

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