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Martin Reed

How Relationships Affect Sleep

A study performed at the University of Pittsburg showed that women who are in stable marriages, or who are dating a new partner, experienced less insomnia and slept better.

Individuals who are in good relationships tend to have a... Read moreChevron

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Eli Hendel, M.D.

Eli Hendel, M.D., Health Pro

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases

How Sleep Apnea Harms Your Heart

Heart disease is a very broad health term, which can sometimes create some confusion. But for this dicussion, we'll highlight the ways sleep apnea is connected to heart disease, as it can cause... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

How Insomnia Affects Your Sex Life

If you deal with insomnia you already know that it can negatively impact your life. Going without sleep takes a toll on your mental and physical health. But what is often not talked about though is how insomnia can wreak havoc on your sex life. If you are... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

The Nightly Adventures of an Insomniac

Being an insomniac in a relationship with someone who isn’t can be difficult at night. Your partner probably has a general time that he/she goes to bed. Like the good partner you want to be, you go and lay down with them, get in some snuggle time, and before you... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

Fight Insomnia by Rocking Yourself to Sleep

Anyone who has been around babies and young children knows one of the most natural things to do to get them to fall asleep is to rock them. Rocking is both soothing and sleep inducing, and can calm the most fussy of children. Whether you are in a rocking chair, holding them and rocking them in your arms, or if you let a swing rock them,... Read moreChevron

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