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Martin Reed

What to Do If You Think You Have Restless Leg Syndrome


Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is something of a vicious cycle. The aching or “creepy-crawly” feelings in your legs that keep you from... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

10 Things You Didn't Know About Insomnia


Somewhere around 60 million Americans are affected by the sleep disorder known as Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

How to Explain Insomnia to Those Who Don’t Understand


If you suffer from insomnia, your friends and loved ones probably offer 'advice' in spades. Do any of these sound... Read moreChevron

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Kristina Brooks

Kristina Brooks, Editor

Multimedia Journalist specializing in science reporting. Bachelor's degree in Animal Science and Communications and MA in Broadcast Journalism.

Choosing the Best Pillow for You


Who knew there was so much that went into pillow shapes and sizes? It’s clear to see that all pillows are... Read moreChevron

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Eli Hendel, M.D.

Eli Hendel, M.D., Health Pro

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases

Did Skipping CPAP Contribute to Justice Scalia’s Sudden Death?

A recent article in the Washington Post raised questions regarding the cause of Justice Scalia’s death.  It is known that he died in his sleep and that he had several ongoing health conditions.  According to the sheriff’s report, he was found lying in bed, with his arms by his side.  A CPAP device was on the... Read moreChevron

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