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Martin Reed

Understanding Sleep Debt and How to Overcome It

The concept is simple: If you do not get the amount of sleep you need each night, you go into sleep debt. A missed hour or two of sleep each night can add up to a lot over the course of a week. For example, if you have insomnia and miss 2 hours of sleep each night of the work... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

New Drug Guidelines for Ambien

If you have been taking the prescription sleep aid Ambien, you should know that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changed its dosage recommendations and specifically advises women to use lower dosages.


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Martin Reed

Five Ways Sleep Deprivation Impacts Your Life


If you have insomnia and are unable to sleep for more than a few hours a night, you already know that it makes you feel tired. You and your loved ones probably also know that lack of sleep can make you grumpy. What you may not know is how lack of sleep affects other areas... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

Research Shows Insomnia May Be All in Your Head

Research is showing that insomnia may truly be all in your head. Not meaning it is imagined, but that the brains of insomniacs are truly different than the brains of healthy sleepers.


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Kristina Brooks

Kristina Brooks, Editor

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How Humidifiers Help You Sleep

Using a humidifier when you sleep can go a long way toward reducing dryness and congestion. It does so by helping the tiny hairs in the nose to move freely and do their job of filtering out bacteria that may cause colds or trigger allergies. Humidifiers also prevent dryness that can lead... Read moreChevron

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