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Martin Reed

Could Insomnia Be Causing Your Nighttime Binge Eating?


Nighttime binge eating, sometimes referred to as night eating syndrome is a fairly new eating disorder that often comes with lack of... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

Beat Insomnia with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Guide for Cancer Patients


For cancer patients, that most precious escape – sleep – is often... Read moreChevron

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Martin Reed

How to Fix the Cycle of Anxiety, Insomnia, and Sexual Dysfunction


Insomnia has many causes, from medical conditions, medication or Read moreChevron

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Eli Hendel, M.D.

Eli Hendel, M.D., Health Pro

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases

The Newest Sleep Aids and How They Work


If you struggle with insomnia on a chronic basis, then it’s... Read moreChevron

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