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Eli Hendel, M.D.

Eli Hendel, M.D., Health Pro

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases

Did You Gain a New Baby and Sleep Onset Association Disorder?


Pretty much everyone knows that once a new baby arrives there will be a Read moreChevron

posted 11/05/2015, comments (0)|
Martin Reed

It's Time to Beat Insomnia by Talking About Insomnia

Many people keep their sleep problems to themselves and choose not to discuss it with others, even those closest to them.


The reasons why people keep their insomnia hidden varies, however, the root of it generally stems... Read moreChevron

posted 11/03/2015, comments (0)|
Martin Reed

Is Insomnia Making You Lose Control?


If you are dealing with insomnia and suspect that control you once... Read moreChevron

posted 10/30/2015, comments (0)|
Martin Reed

The Surprising Reasons Why Insomnia Loves Cold Weather


While cold weather is a time of hibernation and sleep for many animals, it can have the opposite effect on humans. Cold weather has... Read moreChevron

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