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Cyndi Jordan

Cyndi Jordan, Health Guide

Patient Advocate and Migraineur

Nausea of Migraine Impacts Disease Burden and Quality of Life

Those of us with migraines are all too aware that a migraine consists of much more than just head pain. There are a number of other symptoms that many of us experience to one degree or another. These may include light and sound sensitivity, cognitive fog, fatigue, dizziness, aphasia, neck pain, and motor weakness. (For a more comprehensive list... Read moreChevron
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Martin Reed

Top Herbs to Treat Insomnia

If you are dealing with insomnia, you may want to try a natural treatment route before seeking out help with over the counter or prescription drugs.   Countless people use herbs to treat insomnia with success. Here is a listing of top herbs that help with sleep:   Passion Flower – This herb is known for its tranquilizing effect... Read moreChevron
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Weighty headlines: breakfast, saturated fat, fasting

Recent headlines have highlighted new studies covering the weight sector, and showcased some new findings.  Here are just some of those recent headlines and studies:   Researchers report in the June 5th issue of the Cell Press journal, Cell Stem Cell, that a simple dietary approach – periodic fasting - may combat the... Read moreChevron
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Vicki, Health Guide

Health Guide with Secondary Progressive MS and Osteoporosis

Pinterest - MS Central Question of the Week

Do you use Pinterest? This is something like a billboard made up of images of interests and hobbies. It can be fun, and maybe educational, too. Living with MS is easier when we take breaks, and Pinterest is one good way to take a fun break. I recently started my own billboards on Vicki,s Pinterest site. I have billboards for my favorite... Read moreChevron
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Carrie Beth Brown

Carrie Beth Brown, Health Guide

Writer, Artist and Advocate for RA and Chronic Illness

Living with Chronic Illness: Six Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong

Relationships are difficult in the best of circumstances. When you add a chronic illness to the mix, it can be downright impossible to keep things happy and healthy between you and your partner. It's not impossible, though. I wanted to share with you how Rheumatoid Arthritis has impacted my relationship with my husband and the methods we use for... Read moreChevron
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