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Friday, December 12, 2008 Myth1977, Community Member, asks

Q: Muscle jerks symtom of restless leg?

When your muscles jerk in the jaw, shoulder or legs while you are falling asleep is that restless leg?


I Have FMS, so not now to chronic insomnia and unrestorative sleep.  But lately far more day time drowsiness, to the point of falling asleep at work.  Then when I try to sleep, or nap, these muscle jerks jolt me awake.  If I take a sleeping pill, apparently I still kick and twitch anyway.  I also making a lot of noises, but not talking.  I'm dying to get a good nights sleep at this point.

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HealthGal, Health Guide
12/15/08 11:07pm

Here's a link on the site to read up on restless leg syndrome -


It sounds like you would benefit from a consult with a sleep expert and a determination if you would benefit from sleep testing.

Myth1977, Community Member
7/20/09 2:34am

I did go to a sleep study recently and there was no indication of RLS, it looks like it is because I am short on magnesium.  Go figger.

Kelly, Community Member
12/18/08 11:04am

I have been diagnosed with RLS, and leg and sometimes arm or wrist jerks are common for me, along with the feeling like my legs are moving inside my skin or twisting like a rope.  My neurologist prescribed Requip, which recently came out as the less expensive generic Ropinerole, and it makes a big difference in my ability to sleep.

Kelly, Community Member
12/18/08 11:08am

As a comment to the suggestion for a sleep study.  I would only do it if your insurance will foot the bill.  I had a sleep study, and it was completely inconclusive.  They told me that I woke up numerous times (like I didn't know that!), but they could not tell me why.  They just gave me a prescription for Ambien and sent me home.  Fortunately it wasn't MY money that was wasted!

evey, Community Member
5/13/09 6:37pm

my wife experiences this disorder

evey, Community Member
5/13/09 6:39pm

need help

Susan H, Community Member
12/ 2/10 9:13am

I have RLS and am taking Mirapex for it.  The Mirapex helps the sensation in my legs, but I still twitch while falling asleep and all throughough the night.....sometimes very violently.


Recently, I have had trouble with cramping and swelling in my calves and ankles that I suspect is a result of the Mirapex....the dose has been consistently increased to counteract the tolerance that I develop after a few weeks.  It's nightmarish.


I've cut my dose of Mirapex down to .75 mg once a day in order to keep the creepy crawlies at bay and am scheduled for a sleep study in January....not to mention I have been to a vascular specialist (testing ongoing there) for the swelling/cramping.


I hope I get some answers and relief....I can relate all too well.  I'm also at the point of falling asleep at work and, even more disturbingly, while driving.  I've found that keeping hard candy in my mouth (Jolly Ranchers work well) helps to keep me more focused (albeit with a sugar-coated mouth). 


I'll repost if and when I get any answers/relief from this latest round of doctor visits....fingers are crossed, still holding on to some optimism!

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