• Gauthika Gauthika
    November 15, 2009
    Why do I sit up while sleeping?
    Gauthika Gauthika
    November 15, 2009

    I have Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome and some other problems. For the past few years most nights I will wake up sitting up or someone in the house will see me sitting up and gently wake me up and have me lay back down. I know that because I do this, I am so tired all the time, along with the other problems I have. My sleep doctor has no idea why I do this. I thought that maybe it was the pain making me do that but he doesn't think so. I am hoping that maybe you will have some idea why I do this. Thanks!



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  • Kayci5288 January 11, 2010
    January 11, 2010
    Hello. I am not too sure if I can answer your question.. but I've been tring to look things up to help reasure myself on some things. I too sit up in my sleep, this usually occurs 4 to 5 times a week. My roomate typically doesnt wake me up anymore, she used to lie me back down, however, she would wake up an hour later to find me sitting up agian. I am 22 years old, I have been doing this since i was 13. I cannot seem to figure out why this happens, I've tried to keep up with a sleeping pattern, the only thing that I can conclude is, I only do this when I am stressed. I am a mother to a beautiful 19 month old baby girl, I left her father 5 months ago, thats when it started to occur very often. We are in the middle of a nasty custody battle as well. I'm pretty sure occurances like this are stress related.. but thats all I can put my finger on. I hope that I have been of some sort of help to you! God Bless! READ MORE
    • purplepeopleeater<3
      April 05, 2010
      April 05, 2010

      wow me too! im 12, almost 13 and its happened quite a lot, ill be sleeping on the sofa and ill sit up and start talking, the last thing i said in my sleep was something about something having a nice ending xDD idk.. but i remember before i went to bed i was thinking about how the movie will hav a nice ending cuz my dad was watching an exiting movie and i couldn't watch it and i was listening to it and i was trying to go to sleep and i kept telling myself that, and i had felt stressed because i was mad at my mom and i wanted to see the movie and so yeah idk.. but my dream had nothing to do with any of that. and my dream was entirely different. its weird how when your sleeping, and your having a dream about something, it means that your brain is probably working on two parts, one, to keep your dream going, and the second, to make your body move and talk and stuff. so think i think thats freaky. 

  • Jai-Me August 18, 2010
    August 18, 2010

    I dont have an answer for you..but i myself have sleep apnea and i sit up in my sleep..i know i am doing it..and i can feel myself doing it...but i wont lay back down. My husband has to make me lay down and often i am really tired in the morning. It started when i was around 13 years of age and i was going through some really hard times. My thearpist and dr's told me it was just stress. That in  my sleep sit up to realive some stress..i went to do a sleep study and the dr told me that he didnt know why, but it may be because of my sleep apnea. My body goes into kind of a protective mode and i may have stopped breathing for too long, so my body just goes upright. Sounds weird but it sounded almost right. Well now i've noticed my 7 year old doing it at night. I'll lay her down and in the morning she will ask me who layed her down. So she knows that she is being laid down but dont see them. Its like you are outside your body kinda. I  dont know. I was just wondering if it was just me or if others were like that..

  • jennifer May 15, 2010
    May 15, 2010

    I am researching this too, because I also sit up in my sleep.

    My body also jerks, but this I have found out to be normal.

    I read somewhere that we might be acting out our dreams and thats why we sit up, I don't know for sure though. I can also remember my dreams vividly after I wake up when it's been more than a few hours.  it seems almost like a memory of the past because something or someone will trigger it. I fall asleep real fast and use to have trouble staying asleep, but that has changed and It is soo hard for me to wake up.  I don't have any energy either.  On my lunch break I'll take a nap for like 15 minutes and I can dream that fast in that small amount of time too.  Strange!

  • Aditya July 05, 2012
    July 05, 2012

    Hello Folks...My 6 year old son is having the same problem, he sit up while sleeping 2-3 times in night , many times we lay him down..if you have find sollution please updte.

    • Gauthika
      July 06, 2012
      July 06, 2012

      I now have an answer (at least temporary), not a cure, from a sleep doctor. I've asked other sleep doctors, my pain doctor and family doctor about my problem and none of them could give me an answer. I recently saw a new sleep doctor and he said the reason I'm sitting up is because I can't breath, that it is part of the sleep apnea. He said our bodies will sit up to gasp for breath if we are constricted in some way (whether it's from the outside of our body or from the inside), but it's not enough of a "jolt" to wake us up. He's going to do another sleep study on me and hopefully he will see what is going on for sure. The past couple of years when I sit up I end up falling out of bed and hitting my head. It is becoming a very serious issue with me. He said for now, up until the study, for me to sleep in a recliner. That way I should get some good sleep. When I do sleep in the recliner it's all good, but in the bed it's not. I have the sleep study done on the 14th and I will update what I find out. Good luck to all of you who have this problem. It is a very serious issue that we need to deal with.

    • Babsy711
      May 17, 2014
      May 17, 2014
      I just read your post and am wondering what was the outcome of he study your doctor gave you. My husband has been putting me down 4 to 5 times a night. I am disabled dealing with chronic back pain. This is making my life more difficult. I hope and pray that you will respond to my question.... READ MORE
  • AnimeArielle September 03, 2012
    September 03, 2012

    I'm not sure, I'm trying to figure this out myself as well. It could be genetic...? I think that because my grandma, my mom, and my siblings do it as well as me


  • Ihatesleepdisorders3 January 29, 2011
    January 29, 2011

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