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  • Tired of the drugs April 15, 2010
    Tired of the drugs
    April 15, 2010
    I googled hydroxyzine and its a Antihistamine. This drug just surpresses the eczema (the symptom) it doesn't solve the cause. I'm a reflexologist and I suggest you get her off that and get her on a good eating plan. Eliminate refine sugars, raw sugars, brown sugar, gluten products (wheat, rye, barley) and dairy products (change over to rice milk or almond milk for calcium). These items listed cause alot of peoples illnesses. It over loads the spleen then it starts to over load the liver and then symptoms pop up everywhere like eczema, depression, rashes, etc. Then we go to our doctors and they prescribe a drug to "cure" us but in fact it will get us sicker. For example a baby is premature and needs antibiotics, then a rash brakes out on the bum so a steroid cream is prescribed, then later on the child developes asthma.....Your granddaughter is young. Something that she's eating may cause the eczema. I read even soy has side effects. Please take a good look at the foods she's eating, even diet drinks are soooooo bad for us. Take care. READ MORE
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